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Characters in Place

Jon Snow from Game of Thrones was invited to a swish New York dinner party. Incongruous? Absolutely. Watch the video clip of the dinner. It’s hilarious. I laugh out loud every time I think of it, yet something about it … Continue reading

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500 Characters

The swarming crowds on Miyajima Island don’t climb the hill behind Itsukushima Temple. Thankfully. They’re mesmerised by the temple itself which seems to float on water at high tide. From the boardwalks they have an amazing view of the famous … Continue reading

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Characters and Objects

Look at someone’s room and you’ll know something of its owner. The sunroom with a bright rug of crotchet-squares hanging over a wooden rocker. The rumpus room with the giant flat-screened TV and the brick bar in the corner. The … Continue reading

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David Malouf at Sydney Writers’ Festival

Sydney Theatre. 11.30 am. 22 May, 2014 The auditorium lights faded. Enter stage right, David Malouf. Australian Book Review’s first laureate. Multiple literary award winner, including the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. Man Booker short-lister. Enter Tegan Bennett Daylight. Interviewer. One of … Continue reading

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Characters are Pieces of History

We, and our characters, all exist in a public and a private life at the same time. I’m someone’s sister, wife, child, mother, friend, neighbour. I’m that person who loves the thrill of body surfing large breakers, and gets asthma … Continue reading

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Thoughts on an ending

A weak ending can ruin a whole story. But strangely, the problem usually doesn’t lie in the final lines. Yet that’s where we spend endless time trying to “fix” it, by revising, rewriting, rereading that last paragraph. When the ending … Continue reading

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