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Live Reading

Doing anything Saturday? Why not come along for coffee and entertaining readings by some of our best local authors. It’s free! See you there!

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David Malouf at Sydney Writers’ Festival

Sydney Theatre. 11.30 am. 22 May, 2014 The auditorium lights faded. Enter stage right, David Malouf. Australian Book Review’s first laureate. Multiple literary award winner, including the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. Man Booker short-lister. Enter Tegan Bennett Daylight. Interviewer. One of … Continue reading

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Hornsby Library, 21st May 2014 You would expect when an insightful author like Alex Miller stands up to talk to his readers he would make us think. Not only did he succeed, but more importantly, he made us feel. First … Continue reading

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Friday Fictioneers – 9th May

Aftermath She makes herself get up at dawn to walk along the shore. No one is around then. It eases her into the unsafe world; otherwise she would hide in bed all day. The police car usually passes her on … Continue reading

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Books are Bad for You

There is no way someone who lives books, reading and writing can ignore a column piece called Books are Bad for You. My hackles go up immediately and I’m ready to argue with its author, Howard Jacobson, before I’ve even … Continue reading

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