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Writing Colour

This week I watched my friend Virginia, an intuitive painter, throw aquamarine and cobalt blue onto a green, purple and vermilion background, and then spray on water so the gleaming paint dripped down the canvas like rain. I could drown in … Continue reading

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In Defense of Procrastination

Some writers think procrastination is the same as being blocked. Some call procrastination thinking. I’ve just watched a Ted Talk by Adam Grant called ‘Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers.’ He conducted a study which makes a strong case for the procrastination-as-thinking camp. Grant is … Continue reading

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The Joy of Writing

A writer friend who is also doing the challenge of observing and writing down the details every day sent me this email, ‘It is quite  incredible the wandering paths my mind has taken just by writing in the moment like this.Today … Continue reading

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Love the Details

Details should be more than a writer’s friend; details should be our lover. Get intimate, close up. Slow down. Examine him/her with intense and specific attentiveness. Details make the place in our writing real. Whether it’s travel, memoir, stories or … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 19

If you’re living a dream, is it supposed to storm? With no lightning, just thunder that goes on for so long you wonder if Thor’s record got stuck? And rain clouds you’ve been keeping an eye on sneak down off … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 16

Even dreams can turn nightmarish. For the past fifteen days the words have been in flood. My pens keep running out of ink and my second notebook is almost full. The images, metaphors and scenes are damming up, coming so … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 7

When the normal life you’ve made for yourself is on hold, when its day to day living can’t intrude, distract or make demands, or if it does you can’t do anything anyway, writing is easy. Time is what I’m giving … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 5

The temperature reached 12 degrees celsius today and this morning a chill wind followed us around the markets at St-Remy-de-Provence. Now that was a market! Go if you have the chance. When we came home this afternoon the sun streamed … Continue reading

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Writing is like loose pyjamas

Julia Cameron said that writing should be like loose pyjamas. What she means is writing can be casual and comfortable. Cameron writes three ‘morning pages’ of longhand every day. Morning pages are stream-of-consciousness writing that have no restrictions and carry … Continue reading

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Writing about Emotion

William Faulkner knew it. Janette Turner Hospital, Kate Grenville, Julian Barnes know it. But studies are just starting to prove it. The more writers hold back on the effusive emoting of their characters, the more emotion their readers will feel. … Continue reading

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