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What is Time?

Two things happened last weekend that made me question Time. Firstly, I heard Jeanette Winterson discuss time at the Sydney Opera House. She grew up in a household that lived in End Time. When Mrs Winterson had drills to practice … Continue reading

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Is There a Right Way to Write?

I was astounded recently when a former student, a woman whose work I admire, who has gone on to become a successful prize-winning writer, confessed she didn’t like to read, that she didn’t read. Until I heard this I believed … Continue reading

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Books are Bad for You

There is no way someone who lives books, reading and writing can ignore a column piece called Books are Bad for You. My hackles go up immediately and I’m ready to argue with its author, Howard Jacobson, before I’ve even … Continue reading

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Reading in Public

I stand in front of an audience clutching my stories in my shaking hands. My voice trembles in sympathy. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but no, reading in public always has that effect on me. It’s … Continue reading

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