Field of Flowers Award


Zainab Javid kindly nominated me for this award. Thank you so much, Zainab. I’m very honoured.

I’ve been following Zainab’s blog for a few months. It’s a delight. Her photographs and drawings are exquisite. On the top of her homepage is one of the most beautiful portraits I’ve ever seen. Zainab writes thoughtfully and straight from the heart about life, her travels, in her fiction and bringing up her son. You can share the pleasure by checking in at her blog

I’ve nominated 7 blogs in which the personality of the blogger radiates through. Although I don’t know most of them personally when one of their posts comes into my reader it feels like a message from a friend. Let me introduce you to them so you can have the pleasure of visiting them, too.

1. Jessie @ : Jessie writes about life with joy and vigour. She questions every and any fascinating topic. She sees life’s irony and humour and often makes me laugh out loud.

2. Shona @ : Shona’s intelligent and compassionate posts about the humanitarian work she does is inspiring. She describes her experiences so vividly I feel I’m there with her.

3. Michael @ : Michael’s poetry about the intricacies of life is always sensitively written and resonates deeply with many readers. Yet he has a wonderful, and sometimes wicked, sense of humour which make his posts a real treasure.

4. Joanna and Ron @ : Joanna and Ron’s posts always move me in some way. Their fictional stories are a delight to read.

5. Dawn @ : I admire Dawn’s beautiful writing, the warm honesty of her fascinating posts, and the fearlessness with which she faces the hard questions about life.

6. Dawn @ Dawn’s photos are exquisite works of art. I won’t say much else; they speak beautifully for themselves.

7. Dieter @ : Dieter has taken on the huge project of writing 300 stories in 300 days. He’s up to 219 and they are amazingly brilliant!

I hope the 7 nominees will accept this award. It’s a small thank you and an acknowledgement for the pleasure your blogs give me and, I’ve no doubt, many other readers.

All awards come with conditions with which to comply.

Rules of “A Field of Flowers” Award

▪Thank the blogger who nominated you
▪Place the award on your blog
▪Nominate 7 other bloggers and write a little something about why you would give these bloggers
“A Field Of Flowers”
▪Let your nominees know that you nominated them

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11 Responses to Field of Flowers Award

  1. Diana Threlfo says:

    Karen, how lovely. I imagine being nominated for an award would elicit a warm fuzzy feeling. I like the conditions of the Field of Flowers Award – it ‘pays the honour forward’ so others might also feel special.

    • Thanks, Diana. It did make me very grateful and happy. It was a great exercise to look at the blogs I follow and decide what it was I really liked about them. I was pleased to give recognition to them.

  2. Thank you Karen for thinking of me for this award, I am very flattered you would think of me in this way, but I don’t accept them rather I am very happy with your comments on my blog. Thanks again.

    • Michael, I completely respect your choice not to accept the award. I do enjoy reading your blog and it was one of the first I thought of. I’ll continue to enjoy it and comment on it with pleasure. cheers, Karen

  3. This is *lovely* 🙂 Thank you so much, Karen, for including us. When I tell Ron, he’ll be as chuffed as I am. We’ll definitely carry this forward some stage soon, and it’ll be a pleasure to link back to yours blog with some warm words.

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  5. shonasim says:

    Thanks so much Karen for thinking of me for this award. I really don’t deserve it as I am such an infrequent blogger. Maybe this will inspire me to write more! I will certainly look to pass it on the future as I start to follow more blogs. Thanks again!

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