Mirrors – The Writing Workshop Anthology

Mirrors The Cover

The Cover

Remember your first time?

The first time a piece of your writing was published? How your heart tap-danced on your ribs? How you wanted to stick your chest out proudly and at the same time hide under your bed?

Remember how it felt the second time? Or the third? Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been published I still feel that same ecstatic thrill.

It’s building up now that MIRRORS is ready to be launched. Times it by 8 other writers and that’s a lot of very excited authors.

Within the next few weeks the Writing Workshop anthology will be available on Amazon and we couldn’t be more thrilled. You just can’t see how excited because we’re under the bed.

Keep a watch for the final launch details here.


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8 Responses to Mirrors – The Writing Workshop Anthology

  1. margaret jackson says:

    Karen this is the first time my writing will be published. I am so looking forward to it but alas there is no room under my bed so I will have to try the chest sticking out thing.

  2. Diana Threlfo says:

    Karen, I love that there is such a proactive pathway to publication and that you’ve generously inspired and guided us along it. Can’t wait for the launch and somewhere in my house there’ll be a bed I’ll fit beneath.

  3. Reblogged this on Jessie Ansons and commented:
    My piece will be included in this anthology. And yes, I’m VERY excited. Looking forward to the launch!

  4. This is very exciting! The cover looks beautiful and can’t wait to see it on Amazon. Thank you Karen for including me in this!

    • We were thrilled with the cover. It’s strong and bold and cutting edge, and beautifully reflects the stories. All credit for the cover design goes to Genevieve Whitelaw. She’s done an amazing job!

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