Author Interviews – Zed Book Club

Merry Christmas to all writers and readers. Here’s my Christmas gift to you: quality interviews with authors hosted by Zed Book Club on Radio 4ZZZ in Australia.

I’m always scouring the internet for podcasts to listen to in the car or at night before I go to sleep, and came across Sky Kirkham interviewing one of my favourite authors of weird fiction, China Mieville.

I searched to see who else The Book Club had interviewed and found 100 interviews of high-caliber authors such as Margaret Atwood, David Astle, Alex Miller, Christos Tsiolkas, Chris Womersley, Colm Toibin, Junot Diaz, Graeme Simsion. The questions are interesting, intelligent, and often lead in unusual directions. What’s more the podcasts are free. Find the selection of 100 author interviews here.

Every week Sky, Grace, Amy and Samuel have an hour where they look at what’s new and exciting in the literary world. This include panel discussions, author interviews, and argument over the merits and flaws of a favourite book. They promise whatever they present will be “interesting and passionate.”

On the first Thursday of every month they discuss the book of the month, so you can read it and then listen in.

Book reviews by the hosts and others can be found on their book review page.

All the details are on their website .


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