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Living a Dream – Day 19

If you’re living a dream, is it supposed to storm? With no lightning, just thunder that goes on for so long you wonder if Thor’s record got stuck? And rain clouds you’ve been keeping an eye on sneak down off … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 18

The morning started with an overcast sky and clear light. There was no mist in the Luberon and the overexposured sky was bought down a stop or two to grey. Daylight saving has ended. The sun and I now got … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 17

Robert Dessaix’s latest book is called ‘What are days for?’ That question keeps popping up in my mind every day here. When I’m climbing up the old stone stairways worn in the middle from centuries of footsteps. Or walking through … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 13

On the other side of the hill, behind these ruined walls, is Valaurie, a vibrant village of artists. The tiny cobbled laneways are winding passages and stone steps bordered by lavender, roses, flowering shrubs and artificial sunflowers. The houses, many … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 12

On the side of the main road that passes Menerbes there’s a neolithic burial chamber. No one would even know it was there unless they were looking for it. It’s below ground level. We drove past twice before we saw … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 11

Virginia Woolf believed a woman needed “money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” While she got the money bit right – one has to eat – I’d give up the room of my own … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 10

I wake up shamefully late in Menerbes. But this morning it’s the sun who snuggles down into a white feather doona like the one on my bed and refuses to come out until noon. Hoping he’ll sleep for some time … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 9

A wet Sunday. The streets in our little village are empty. Like me everyone is probably curled up in front of the fire. No, not everyone. At the top of our house I hear the Australian anthem playing in the … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 8

Today we followed a fire trail along the foothills of the Luberon Mountains. It wasn’t exactly to suss out Peter Mayle’s old house but it we came across it, well . . . About a kilometre from Menerbes I turned … Continue reading

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Living a Dream – Day 6

Today we took the D3 to Bonnieux, a pretty back road that runs through the vineyards, lavender and cherry orchards. It just happens to go along the base of the mountains and there are a few fire trails that intersect … Continue reading

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