What did we learn at a Writers’ Conference?

Joanna and Ron from lazuliportalswriting.wordpress.com attended the New Writers’ Conference at Plymouth University this month. The latest information they picked up from the sessions with publishers, agents and authors is valuable to every writer with a manuscript to publish.
Thanks for sharing this experience, Joanna and Ron.

The Lazuli Portals

Ron and I attended the inaugural New Writers’ Conference held byLiterature Works, the literature development charity for South West England. It took place on Sunday 2 November, at Plymouth University.

The Conference was designed to assist writers who have the manuscript of their novel “ready to go” (or nearly so!) Professionals working in the industry gave advice and information on finding an agent, working with editors, getting a publishing deal, and marketing the book after publication.

Please follow this link if you’re interested in seeing the full programme of events.

I’ve picked three or four pieces of advice from each of the sessions (otherwise, as Ron will tell you, I will write pages….)

2014-11-02 10.04.47

Opening remarks by Tracey Guiry, CEO of Literature Works

 2014-11-02 10.26.49

Pan MacMillan Senior Editor Sophie Orme (left) with novelist Susanna Jones 

  • Editing includes checking for issues with narrators, timelines, continuity, momentum, events, the…

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3 Responses to What did we learn at a Writers’ Conference?

  1. So glad you enjoyed our post, Karen, and many thanks for sharing with your readers. I hope they find it useful, too. 🙂

  2. johnlmalone says:

    very useful advice esp the section dealing with Tom’s eperiences

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