Living a Dream



Today we arrived in Menerbes, a walled medieval village that runs along a hilltop in the Luberon Valley. We’re staying here for three weeks so I can live out a lifetime dream of writing in France.

We arrived at 6 this evening after driving all day from the Drome. We needed an aperitif before dinner. Okay, wanted one. It’s something we’ve picked up over here in France. So we walked along the main road past the cafes and barred shops looking for a place to sit in the sun.

The only place we found for an aperitif was the tabac where the local lads hung out of the door with their red wine calling to the locals as they passed. If we needed a reminder we didn’t quite fit in, this was it. We went back home, sat out on our little terrace and poured ourselves a local white called ‘Une Bonne Moment.” In the fields below the village the late afternoon sun shone through the vine leaves turning them translucent gold and red.
Tomorrow morning I start writing. My writing and I will be wearing loose pyjamas. Casual and informal writing that allows for a saunter two doors down to the patisserie to buy one of those glistening apricot tarts I saw in the window. I love your idea of loose pyjamas, Julia Cameron. In more ways than one.

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14 Responses to Living a Dream

  1. Moritz says:

    Looks lovely. Menerbes looks like the perfect place to start writing 🙂

  2. Phil Murray says:

    Always leaves a warm glow to see someone fulfill a dream … Bon chance with the writing

    • Thanks, Phil. The writing flowed across the pages this morning. I’m sure you know what a high that sort of writing gives you. Apart from my own work, I’ve set myself a project of writing on my blog each day about some little impression or experience we had. As a reminder for me and also for anyone who wants to follow my dream with me. Hope you will join me from time to time.

  3. Ruth Robertson says:

    I am reliving the halcyon days of my youth through your blogs. It brings back memories of times past, a time when the world was my oyster and nothing stood in my way. It is wonderful to hear when someone has the courage to live out their dreams. Keep dreaming and the words will come as each little experience leaves its mark and brings forth ideas that carry you through life.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Ruth. Travelling does open you up to new experiences and the best ones do change you, sometimes in ways that are hard to discern at the time. I’m glad my travels are giving you the pleasure of reliving your past. That is indeed an honour for me. I plan to write some little observation each day so I hope you’ll continue to travel with me.

  4. margaret jackson says:

    I’m so pleased to know you are finally there and starting to live the dream. Love that you and your writing will be wearing loose pyjamas. that is just the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing so far. I will be looking forward to reading more of your dream. You bring us right there with your writing.

    • Finally I’m here! And although I didn’t wear my loose pyjamas (more on that in my blog tonight), my writing did. You will appreciate how exciting it is when your writing sweeps you away and doesn’t want to stop. It’s so quiet here, that helps.

  5. dianathrelfo says:

    Ah hah, Karen! A nice little primer of “Une Bonne Moment” and the words are bound to flow. What a wonderful part of the world you’ve chosen in which to realise your dream. Happy writing.

    • It is indeed beautiful here, Di. And I’ve already made a french faux pas. The bottle said ‘Un Bon Moment.’ I’ve made the mistake I chastise my travel students for making – always check your facts three times. But you’re right – it was a nice little primer…

  6. Maree Gallop says:

    Sounds, looks and tastes wonderful Karen! I wonder if you read the name of the wine before or after you drank it!! Such a great feeling to be fulfilling a dream. There’s lots to be inspired about. Enjoy writing in loose PJ’s.

  7. What a gorgeous place to write! ! I’m looking forward to following you on your journey. You’ve got me thinking now about all the places I’d love to go and write for three weeks… In all seriousness any place for three weeks to focus on just writing and pastries sounds fantastic. What are those little red and white things on your plate? They look intriguing!

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