A Busker

  As I walked over the bridge from Notre Dame to the Ile de la Cite in Paris a man came the other way pushing a piano on a trolley. He turned his piano upright and started to play Mozart. 

I sat on the gutter and listened for ages. 

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15 Responses to A Busker

  1. What a commitment! I see you’re already getting inspiration from what you see around you 🙂

    • I couldn’t help smiling when I saw the piano cross the bridge, but when the man stopped and set up to play I was astounded. You’re right, Jessie, it takes great dedication to haul a piano to a good busking spot. Heavens know where he came from! He was a brilliant player.

  2. anne says:

    A piano? My goodness. He deserved to be listened to. Karen, in one of my short stories, which is mainly written with the surreal appearing as normal, the protagonist carried a piano from an old hall to a new house around the corner … I think this is him!

    • And if everyone who put money in his bowl gave him a euro it would be well worth hauling that piano across Paris. I love the sound of your surreal piano story. Do you still have it? Now there’s an exciting challenge, mmm…

  3. anne says:

    PS I forgot to say the piano man carried it on his back. I wouldn’t put it past this busker.

    • Yes, he had a dynamic personality and probably would carry it on his back if he needed to. His trolley was ingenious. It was attached to the back of the piano so all he had to do to transport it was lay the piano on its back.
      Thinking of you. Xx

  4. Maree Gallop says:

    What a fabulous thing to experience, I love how he’s sharing his talent with everyone ….. and for free!

  5. dianathrelfo says:

    Such a provocative image, Karen. The busker’s recital seems to involve his whole body and I get the impression his entire being is immersed in the music. Must have been an uplifting sight.

    • He was totally immersed in the music, body and spirit. He was a delight to listen to and to watch. And in such a wonderful venue – a bridge over the Seine in the open air. It doesn’t get much better than that, Diana.

  6. Phil Murray says:

    Enjoy Karen … Live, experience every day

  7. anne says:

    I should have the short story somewhere. It was inspired by a Dylan Thomas piece about sitting in a very crowded living room with his thumb in a bottle.(I can’t check the actual details at this time) It took me ages to work out the how or why of this story. When I did work out an interpretation, a very strong male character appeared. He was grandiose in an impossible but every day way,
    Thinking of you lapping up the rich atmosphere. With you in spirit.
    (next Tuesday is Peppa Pig day.)

  8. johnlmalone says:

    we have one in our city too 🙂

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