Stories at The Mosh Pit a huge success!

Jessie Ansons writes about a great afternoon of readings!

Jessie Ansons

At the quirkiest cafe in downtown Cardiff, a group of writers gathered to read their work…

On Saturday afternoon I was lucky enough to MC a brilliant writers event in Newcastle, NSW. The day was informal yet structured, serious yet fun. The Mosh Pit Record Shop and Coffee Bar was the venue and about 30 people squeezed into the bright and eclectic space.

Marg and wall of records Margaret Jackson opens the event; records of all kind cover the walls

Most of the writers were from our writing group, and there were two guest writers and one young writer. Margaret Jackson, the founding member of our writing group, opened the event.

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2 Responses to Stories at The Mosh Pit a huge success!

  1. anne says:

    Sounds like a great time was had by all. Thanks for all the links, giving easy such easy access to some delightful stories, Jesse. Things have moved on since our ‘Poetry in the Pub’ monthly reading days, all those years ago. Is there anyone around old enough, to hold up those memories with me? I wish the Mosh Pit the greatest success.

    • It was a great afternoon of literature, entertainment, delicious coffee and cakes, and companionship. I’ll remember the old ‘Poetry at the Pub’ days with you. And add ‘Intoxicating Tales’ with Bill Iden. What a treasure to writing in Newcastle he was!

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